1. Chris Stevens died in Benghazi,Libya, the government believes that it was a planned attack to happen on 9/11 due to a video encouraging Libyans to terrorize them. I think the government is right to blame them because there is enough prove to do so. Also I believe that the Libyans were wrong to take revenge against the US because no matter what the act of revenge never ends well.

2. It is believed that the cause for tar balls washing up on the shores of Louisiana are still the result of oil buried under the sand from the 2010 oil spill. The BP oil spill was when there was a oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico back in 2010.

3. A school bus monitor in New York was being bullied in the bus and after a video of it got posted in the internet a bunch of people started donating money to her so that she won’t any longer have to deal with the bulling.

4. The teachers in Chicago are still in strike this week and hundreds and thousands of kids are not able to go to school because of it. Not only that but due to the strike many athletes are not able to practice after school so they have to find a way to practice outside of school. My thoughts of the teacher strike is that I understand their reason for the strike however, I believe it is wrong that the students and student athletes have to suffer because of it.

5. A current event not featured on the Channel 1 news is about more lated news of the elections.

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