Current Events 2

Today’s current events a totally new slew of tragic and heart-lifting news!!

First event: The deaths in Libya, one being a U.S Ambassador Christopher Stevens, has sparked a fire in the hearts of Americans. Though the why is a little ‘iffy’ it is believed that clip of movie that somehow made it’s way onto youtube-an anti-Islam film. I think that if people can kill in the name of an anti-Islam movie than our world of technological advances is becoming primitive once again.

Second event: Tar Balls in Gulf Coast?! Ew…it was easy to forget such a environment destroying event, but it seems that it will be haunting us for the next two decades. The Oil spill by BP two years ago has definitely devasted the coast.

3rd event: The old woman who drove the bus for middle schoolers had been tormented to such an extent that she cried and quit. Such insults as ‘fat’ and ‘old’ were harmless enough, but after day after day it becomes grueling. A man saw the youtube video and decided that he had to do something. He managed to get nearly 750,000 dollars of donations so that this poor woman may know some peace.

4th event: Chicago…Chicago (enter random tune) they still haven’t fixed that awesome strike and though i’m on the side of the teachers the students are being negatively affected. I hope they fix this soon because i wouldn’t want to be a senior in chicago who’s future is being blocked due to the demands of teachers.

Random event of my own: It isn’t only Libya that’s been protesting-Yemen Egypt too! They started to attack US Embassies and President Obama himself is looking at Egypt with a raised eyebrow: “Friend or Foe?”

That’s it-thankfully.

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