current events 9/13

The us ambassador died in the attack. They say the muslems were behind the attack because of a movie that was released in arabic that was making fun of them. I thought it was pretty stupid because why would translate a movie into arabic when the movie is making fun of their god. The tar blobs came from a ship that spilled oil in 2010 a hurricane came in and took the tar with it. The BP spill is when over 1million gallon of oil spilled into the ocean. She was getting bullied by some kids and someone made a fun raiser for her and she got 800 thousand dollars. The teacher strike is going ¬†well but the students cant get scholar ships or actually work to get smarter. I think the strike is good and bad at the same time because they are getting what they want but the stundents’ cant learn anything. The bees are vanishing which is really bad because they produce 1/3 of the US food.

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