Football field, gleaming lights ribbons, and make-up. Senior Chanel is just ready to be done with high school, but not with out living it up first.

    Strolling through the hallways from class to class is what DeVaughn does day in and day out Monday thru Friday. In her free time her phone is “her life” DeVaughn said.

   “I love to smile” DeVaughn said. She spends most of her time either working or cheering which as you can imagine takes up a lot of her time.

   “Be rich, Everyone wants to have money” DeVaughn said. She plans on graduating and going off to college to be a technical engineer, which is going to help her reach her goal in the kind of lifestyle that she plans on living.

   The only thing standing in her way is “Laziness” DeVaughn said. Which shouldn’t be hard for her to do given the fact she seems very motivated.

   Over all she is a loud, impatient cheerleader who gets good out of every situation, good or bad she always has a smile on her face.


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