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     Helping sick kids get better. Making gourmet meals. Or memorizing lines for a movie. Sophomore Thomas Nguyen still doesn’t know which career path to choose.

     Not knowing what you want to be is a very stressful thing because it is what you are going to do for the rest of your life. Everyone always wants to make sure that they choose the job were they are most happiest because nobody wants to work in a place were they are not happy.

     “As a pediatrician I would be working with kids a lot,” Nguyen said, “I know many people my age probably have to babysit their younger siblings and they probably hate it but I love working with kids so this could be a good job for me.”

However, sometimes thinking about making gourmet meals for people starts to make him think about changing career paths.

     “I like to watch cooking shows,” Nguyen said. “They always mix ingredients that you would never imagine would go together and when it is done it comes out to be a magnificent meal. I sometimes like to try and make these meals. They don’t always come out as they are supposed to so that’s why I would like to study this career so I can be a better cook.”

     But cooking shows aren’t the only things that he watches that make him think.

     “Whenever I have free time I like to watch Asian dramas,” Nguyen said. “Even though I sometimes don’t understand what they are saying the way that they express themselves helps me understand what is going on. This makes me want to be able to express myself without saying anything. I want to become an actor and act in drama, comedy, romantic, action and adventure.”

     Nguyen still has a couple of years to decide which career path to choose. He might even decide to choose a completely different career then the ones he has in mind right now.

     “I hope that whenever I have to choose,” Nguyen said, “I will know what I want to be. Even if my career has nothing to do with these three jobs I am sure that I will enjoy it.” 

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