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A different kind of heart


Beep beep beep beeeep, the deadly heart monitor hissed through the halls of the hospital. The papers roared loudly as the doctors rushed to the growing sound.


Rida Murad lost her cousin to cancer thanksgiving of last year. Who would of known the time to be thankful would be the time to change her life forever.


Rida was only 15 years old when she figured out she wanted to be an oncologist. “I have a back round of cancer in my family. I would love to help and play a role in peoples lives” said Rida.


Eagar to learn. Eagar to find a cure to save lives. She set out and dedicated herself to her studies.


Rida was one of those dramatic girls growing up. Always twirling around in her dresses and singing loudly in a hairbrush. “I’m a really optimistic person. So loosing someone I loved was really hard on me,” said Rida.


So she traded in here high heels and acting skills for textbooks and microscopes.


“I hope to one day to save a person who means the world to someone just like my cousin meant the world to me” said Rida.


At the end of the day Rida closed her textbooks, puts away her microscopes, and daydreams of the day she can race through the halls for a better future.

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