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           Helping people in need of arthritis, sophomore Jesus Garcia has dedicated his future career to be a rheumatologist. He also set his goals on becoming either a marine biologist or a teacher.

            Not knowing what your future career is in the future could be very stressful on you because you are to stick with that career forever and it’s not an easy thing to change. “I see people with the same disease as I do, and whenever I see that, I want to help them,” said Garcia. Still studying on what it takes to be a rheumatologist, Garcia is determined to accept any kind of challenges that may be throwned at him. “I sometimes help my friends and little brother or whoever that needs my help and I try my best to help them”.

       However, thinking about an opportunity to work with the marine life and exploring is not an easy chance to come by.

         “I like to work with the marine life” said Garcia “ I like to work in a laboratory and I can get to examine things that are science related”. Working with the marine life itself is a very hard thing to get to especially with all of the science a researching that you have to do as a marine biologist. “I really love science and I would love it if I could work in field of science.”

         Science may be the thing that gets Garcia interested in, but have you ever thought that he could teach it?

        “Being a teacher means that you can help the kids to be successful and I really like helping people so I think that this could be a interesting job for me” said Garcia. “ I have always liked helping people and I also like kids so I think that being a teacher could also be a fun thing to do. I would preferably like to teach science because it’s a subject that I’m always good and m friends had always asked for my help when it comes to that subject so I think that I can be a science teacher if I wanted to.”

      Garcia still has a long road ahead of him and few years before he could actually make up his minds to be whatever he wishes to be. “I really hope that whatever decision that I make for my future career will be the one that I will be happy with and that I can enjoy doing.”

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