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“Drama, homework,and mean teachers” Susan Pearson said. Those are all things she dislikes about school. Susan Pearson is a short,cute,and photogenic 15 year old here John B.Connally High School. Susan is going to be a famous cosmotologist and own her own business after graduating from Hawaii University. Lets get to know a little more about her! Susan is interested in art and singing and in her spare time she likes to play the guitar and hang-out with her friends. She “enjoys doing it” Susan said. Hoping to get a scholarship and graduate with a high GPA, Susan has to overcome obstacles. Standing in the way is masses of homework and having time to herself. She has to be better with her time. If Susan could be anything in the world she would be a famous entrepreneur. Susan is eager to wake up to go to school for new experiences and friends. Well, thats Susan Pearson!

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