Lexia Jones Coming Right At Ya’

Wanting to give the world a better perspective of fashion in our daily lives. She has a passion and style for entertaining people and also educating them on how life can be simple, easy, and great. She has a dream, “I want to be one of the most known magazine editor and reporter in America!”


Lexia Jones is sixteen and is attending John B. Connally High School.  She’s working hard and yet still having some free time for herself and her friends. She has obstacles here and there but she says, “I always keep my head high, I try my best to stay out of drama because I have better things to do in life.”


 On her free time, she cheers for Connally and watches the football game while they’re in a play. Besides cheering, she likes to hang out with her friends and shop! “My friends are always there for me, they’re so live.”


“I want to graduate Connally with a good GPA and hopefully receive a scholarship. I want to show my family that I can do it,” she says. She has a determination to go after her dream. After high school she wants to attend to Texas Tech and study in Photo Journalism.


Still in high school she had lots ahead for her. She tries and never gives up always giving 100 percent. “I want to be one of the best,” she said. This is the journey of Lexia Jones.

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