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A Peer at Susan Pearson

            These days we don’t find many adolescent teens that stand out from the crowd. Not many adolescents have diverse interests. That’s not the case for 10th grader Susan Pearson.

            Fifteen-year-old Pearson is not just any ordinary adolescent teen. The diversity of that which she is interested in makes her stand out and compliments her character.

            “I like school, because I get to interact with my friends, I get the opportunity to learn and I get to dress nicely,” said Pearson. The fact that she likes learning serves as proof that she is different from other adolescents, who often don’t take heed to the learning environment around them.

            “My interests are volleyball, photography, and fashion and in my spare time I do my homework,” said Pearson. Her interests are very diverse. A combination of such interests is unique. On top of that she does her homework. How many students come out and directly say that? How many students actually complete their homework at all?

            “If I could be anything it would be a millionaire so that I could buy everything and help everyone,” said Pearson. This is what compliments her character and makes Pearson stand out the most. The fact that she included “everyone” in terms of people whom she would help shows that she is generous, caring and far from selfish. The things going on in the world today makes those three adjectives hard to apply to people, especially adolescents.

            It is Pearson whom adolescents should look to as inspiration. She clearly proves that not everyone is alike.

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