Basics & Viewing Images

  • Open an image, multiple images, close files: Command O
  • Undo something you’ve done: Command Z
  • View workspace panels:
  • Using the tools panel:
  • Zooming & Hand tools:

Making Selections

  • Marquee tools: Select parts of picture, hold shift for perfect shape.
  • Lasso tool: Highlight certain parts of picture.
  • Quick selection: Highlight anything.
  • Magic Wand tool: Refines image.
  • Inverting selections: 
  • Refining selections:
  • Using Quick Mask mode: Selects everything but what you “painted”.


  • Creating a new layer: F7. Bottom left button. File, new layer.
  • Changing the layer visibility:
  • Deleting the layer: Right click
  • Changing the opacity of a layer: Makes it less visible
  • Duplicating a background: Right click

Enhancing and Retouching Photos

  • Cropping a photo:
  • Straightening an image with the Ruler tool: Eyedropper, ruler, drag and straighten.
  • Using the Smart Sharpen filter: Filter, sharpen.
  • Adjusting saturation: Window, adjustments, right side saturation.
  • Adjusting brightness and contrast: 
  • Using neutral density gradient: Window, adjustments, gradient, neutral density.
  • Using the Dodge & Burn tools:
  • Removing red eye: Bandaid, marquee around pupil, adjust size if needed.
  • Spot Healing Brush tool & Healing Brush Tool: Bandaid, healing brush tool. Hold option ’round similar.

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