Photoshop Basics

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Basics & Viewing Images

  • Open an image, multiple images, close files     file open or command o xlick on the x at the top 
  • Undo something you’ve done      command z or edit step back 
  • View workspace panels     
  • Using the tools panel
  • Zooming & Hand tools helps move aorund 

Making Selections

  • Marquee tools  helps select arts of the picture to make squares or circles you  press shift  
  • Lasso tool a way to highlight certain parts of the picture
  • Quick selection  highlight selection a selection to make cut outs 
  • Magic Wand tool helps refine image you want to work with 
  • Inverting selections  haveing one part of the picture that you want 
  • Refining selections refine our selections 
  • Using Quick Mask mode the tools are on the left side of the screen colors are call sqwaches 


  • Creating a new layer f7 to make a new layer and doesnt ruin the first picture. 
  • Changing the layer visibility click eye icon that turn the icon layer off 
  • Deleting the layer control c;acl and choose dele from the menu 
  • Changing the opacity of a layer go to capacity on the layers menu and click on the row next to 100 and se the s;ide to change the capacity 
  • Duplicating a background cnrtl smd diplucate background or layers 

Enhancing and Retouching Photos

  • Cropping a photo crop icon on the left menu select area that you want to crop and press enter 
  • Straightening an image with the Ruler tool go to the left menu and change the ruler to the left go to the 
  • Using the Smart Sharpen filter  fliter then sharpen 
  • Adjusting saturation go to window ajustments and the do whatever 
  • Adjusting brightness and contrast same as saturation but you click on brightness and contrast 
  • Using neutral density gradient 
  • Using the Dodge & Burn tools
  • Removing red eye goo to tools and red eeye fix 
  • Spot Healing Brush tool & Healing Brush Tool same as the red eye but go over picture with defects 

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