Photoshop Basics

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Basics & Viewing Images

  • Open an image, multiple images, close files: File>open or Command+O; for multiple just open more than one and you will have two tabs for the different pictures; to close images then click the x at the top, multiple then click x on the tab of the one you want to close.
  • Undo something you’ve done: command+z or Edit>step backwards
  • View workspace panels
  • Using the tools panel: tools on the left side of the screen 
  • Zooming & Hand tools: zooms and helps you move around, shortcut; h, options
  • colors are called swatches

Making Selections

  • Marquee tools-creates shapes to select things; click and hold for marquee menu and slelect rectangle or elliptical, hold shift to make it a perfect square or circle. deselect by control+click and choose deselect from the menu or go to select at the top and choose deselect 
  • Lasso tool: allows you to make irregular shaped selections, click and hold for a menu of the different lasso tools
  • Quick selection: allows you to select things of a shape and makes cutouts. co up to the options menu to subtract from your selection.
  • Magic Wand tool: same place as the quick selection tool, click and hold for the menu, selects pixels of the same color as the selection when you click and play with the options menu at the top
  • Inverting selections: select the thing you dont want selected and then go up tot he options menu an select inverse
  • Refining selections: refines selection, after using lasso go up to refine selection int the options menu
  • Using Quick Mask mode: helps you select everything except the thing you paint with the brush


  • Creating a new layer:go to windows and turn layers on, go to the bottom of the window ad select new layer, then name it and on the right there will be layers shown., F7
  • Changing the layer visibility: click the eye icon so that it goes off to turn a layer off
  • Deleting the layer: ctrl+click and choose delete from the menu
  • Changing the opacity of a layer: go to opacity on the layers menu and click the arow next to 100 and then use the slide to change the opacity
  • Duplicating a background: ctrl+click and duplicate background or layers menu in the top bar and click duplicate layer

Enhancing and Retouching Photos

  • Cropping a photo: crop icon in left menu, select the area you want cropped, press enter
  • Straightening an image with the Ruler tool: co to the left menu and change the eyedropper to the ruler bu=y clicking and holding, then draw a line across the horizon and then click straighten on the top menu
  • Using the Smart Sharpen filter:filter(top menu)>sharpen>smart/edge sharpen
  • Adjusting saturation:top menu window>adjustments>Hue and saturation in the right panel
  • Adjusting brightness and contrast:window>adjustments>brightness and contrast
  • Using neutral density gradient
  • Using the Dodge & Burn tools: the little ball with a line, lightens or darkens an image
  • Removing red eye:bandaid and hold, go to red eye, make a marquee around the eye and release
  • Spot Healing Brush tool & Healing Brush Tool: the bandaids, takes pixels from an area and move them to another for blemishes.

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