Photoshop Basics

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Basics & Viewing Images

  • Open an image, multiple images, close files
    • Command “O”
    • Hold shift
    • Click the “X” on top
  • Undo something you’ve done
    • Command “Z”
  • View workspace panels
  • Using the tools panel
    • On the left side of the page
    • It is where you find most of your work tools.
  • Zooming & Hand tools
    • Helps you be able to move things around

Making Selections

  • Marquee tools
    • To select parts of the picture you want to change (not cropping)
    • Hold shift to make a perfect shape (circle or square)
  • Lasso tool
    • A way to highlight a certain part of the picture with out making a specific shape 
  • Quick selection
    • Allows you to highlight a specific part of an image
      • make a cut out
  • Magic Wand tool
    • allows you to refine the image you want to work using like colors
  • Inverting selections
    • Click shift on the shift menu, then click inverse
      • or shift, Command, “i”
  • Refining selections
    • After selecting image, click on the button “refine edge”
      • Makes edges more smooth
  • Using Quick Mask mode
    • Lets you paint over things you don’t want to be selected


  • Creating a new layer
    • It allows you to be able to change the picture but not effect the actual picture.
  • Changing the layer visibility
    • Click on  the eyeball next to the layer
  • Deleting the layer
    • Highlight the layer and press delete
  • Changing the opacity of a layer
    • Click on the opacity option
  • Duplicating a background
    • Select background, Right click on mouse
      • Select duplicate layer

Enhancing and Retouching Photos

  • Cropping a photo
    • click on the crop option
      • move it to where you want and press enter
  • Straightening an image with the Ruler tool
    • Go to ruler
      • Make a line
      • Click Straighten
  • Adjusting brightness and contrast
    • same as saturation except pick brighten and contrast
  • Removing red eye
    • Click on the bandaid
      • Go ro red eye function
  • Spot Healing Brush tool & Healing Brush Tool
    • Go to band aid tool

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