Basics & Viewing Images

  • Open an image, multiple images, close files- file- open- select the image you want
  • Undo something you’ve done- edit- step backward
  • View workspace panels- they’re on the right
  • Using the tools panel- select the one you want to use
  • Zooming & Hand tools- at the top select from 25% 50% 100% 200%, use the hand to drag the picture around

Making Selections

  • Marquee tools
  • Lasso tool- select the lasso on the tool panel and drag it over a section of the image to select it
  • Quick selection- click on the quick selection tool on the tool panel and drag it around a part of the picture
  • Magic Wand tool- click and hold the quick selection tool and select the magic wand tool
  • Inverting selections
  • Refining selections
  • Using Quick Mask mode


  • Creating a new layer- F7, Layer- New Layer
  • Changing the layer visibility- click the eye
  • Deleting the layer- select the layer then click the trashcan
  • Changing the opacity of a layer- select the layer then drag the circle left or right on the opacity scale
  • Duplicating a background- right click- duplicate layer

Enhancing and Retouching Photos

  • Cropping a photo- select the crop tool, drag over what you want of the image
  • Straightening an image with the Ruler tool- select ruler tool and draw a line to straighten
  • Using the Smart Sharpen filter- go to filter then sharpen then smart sharpen. adjust the stuff
  • Adjusting saturation- hit adjustments then select what saturation you want
  • Adjusting brightness and contrast- click on the brightness and contrast icon
  • Using neutral density gradient
  • Using the Dodge & Burn tools
  • Removing red eye- click and hold bandaid. select red eye tool and drag a box over the red eye
  • Spot Healing Brush tool & Healing Brush Tool- click and hold band aid and select spot healing brush or healing brush. click the spot you want to fix and drag the circle over it. or click the clear spot and press option then click the spot you want to fix

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