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Jaxiry C. Garcia



My name is Jaxiry C. Garcia. I was born in Mexico City. I lived in Mexico for Ten years, in the rest in Austin Texas. I’m 17 years old. When I first got into Middle School, I was really scared because I didn’t know English just my a, b,c’s. Parts of my family are from here and from Mexico. I’m very friendly I like to have friends and spend time with them. When I got my first puppy ever, I was really happy and I didn’t know how to named her so I decided to name her Estrellta because I like stars. I go to church every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday I also sing in church, I like to go shopping a lot. I love my family what I love the most from them is when we go out. My favorites things are listening to music I really don’t like reading at all. I love to sleep and go out a lot. I really don’t have any hobbies that I know. I like Christian music. My goals are to graduate from high school go to college and become a professional nurse. After getting my career I want help my mom because she is always there for me, in other words she is my motivation. That’s pretty much it about me.

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  • philariay October 18, 2012  

    damn!!! i think i hurt my elbow. i need a nurse over here…lol cough! cough! 😉 

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