Laura Ugarte Calzada

I am a junior in high school, am sixteen years old, born in Austin Texas and still living in Austin, raced by my very traditional Mexican parents, I also have three older brothers. I am quiet and shay but when I meet somebody and get use to someone, I am very open and confident. Tennis is my favorite sport, elephant is my favorite animal, fall is my favorite season, and I have too many favorite colors to say that I have a favorite color, my favorite foods is seafood and all kind of sushi. I really like reading, and one of my favorite books is Anna of Byzantium, another of my favorite things to do is baking from scratch, I also like bike riding and just being outside, and shopping. My preference of music is a little bit of some from indie rock to even rap. My motivation in life is to find my passion in a career that I will be happy to work in, and graduating and getting accepted to a college is a big motivation to keep going and strive to get through in life doing something that I like to do and the people who motivate me would be my parents at times that I feel like I can’t do it they bring me up to show how they got through even harder times. And things that I just like to do ones not so often is go down town and walk around with my mom or dad so they can see the shop’s and got eat somewhere new in town, and another thing that I like to do is decorate my room with because I finally got my own room, which makes me very happy. And something that I want to do more this school year, is to be more social with people and what better than yearbook to 

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