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Manda Trejo

My name is Amanda Trejo. I walk the halls of Connally High School, Class of 2014. Which makes this girl a junior.  I blew out my candles last month, I am officially 17. I was born in Trenton, New Jersey.  I come from a family of 4. Including me, my two sisters and my mother., small family..i know.  If people were to describe me I’d be everything wrapped in one. I could be sweet and caring one day and then the complete opposite the next day and be mean and unfriendly it depends on the day and the mood I am in honestly. If I’m not in such a bad mood I’m usually the loudest funniest girl you know. My favorite things to do would be hanging out with friends if I’m not hanging out with friends I would probably be out shopping. My top 3 favorite things in this world would be my phone, cheetah print, and my Winnie the pooh teddy bears. I been in love with Winnie the pooh ever since I was 2. When it comes down to music I’m not a very picky person, if I love the beat then I love the song. I plan to achieve a lot after my high school years. I want to become a hairstylist and travel the world to do hair and makeup. I have alot of big dreams for myself, and i plan to achieve them all. (:

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