I was never involved in politics and I still am not old enough to vote, but this year I tried to pay attention to the candidates and what they were promising the united States. I was undecided on who I was in favor of, because in some ways I agreed with Romney and in others I agreed with Obama. Although Mitt Romney did hold up a competition, I think Obama won because he did seem to be more caring of the middle class than Romney and focused on helping those in need of it. He is trying to give more students an entrance to college, and makes it possible to apply for financial aid. He provides help financially by providing help with money for food, health care, dental care, etc. Romney was trying to cut many of the things that most people needed for commodity. I think the decisions Romney made considering financial help is what many people were against and that is why they voted for Obama. I think it seemed more like Romney was trying to take control and force his thoughts upon others like when he talked about abortion. I am against abortion, and i would try to convince someone not to abort but i would not make it impossible because that is a choice that is theirs, and I think Romney did not give them a choice in some cases such as this one. I think Obama knows what went wrong these last four years and is willing to change what he knows he has to in order to make the next four years function better and be more successful. I really hope he does improve the economy because I think that is the biggest challenge we have been facing currently ever since Bush was president. I’m not fully there on Obama improving our economy because I still feel like maybe he’s putting it off because he’s SO confident that he can do it. I’m not sure what the deal is with Split congress but by the looks of Obama’s attitude, he seems very lenient to me and he seems like he would know how to make it work, or find a way to not let it affect his place and his decisions. I think this race was a very tough one, there was a lot of campaigning and many people started doubting their votes once they heard other peoples point of view. Many people were strongly by Obama’s side and then started thinking more about it and maybe considered voting for Romney instead. Either way I am happy with the result, and I’m hoping the next four years function successfully.

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