The election was the most expensive campaign in U.S history, a total of six billion dollars was spent in this presidential election. The winner turned out to be barrack Obama with 303 electoral votes to Romney 206 electoral votes. People are glad that obama is president but he still has many challenges to overcome in the next four years. Obama has to deal with hurricane sandy and how to fix the damage that has been done. Then he has to deal with getting troops out of afghanistan and he hopes he can get them out by 2014 because there is just no point in this war now. After that he has to deal with getting the economy back in shape since 7.8 percent of americans are still unemployed. Obama is also going to have to deal with gun laws because a lot of deaths with weapons that happened some sort of assault rifle was used so he is trying to make it to where assault rifles like the Ak-47 and other rifles will not be sold in stores. But all other weapons will not be banned because obama is just focusing on assault rifles.

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