Election of 2012

          President Obama was elected because he reached the ‘magical number’ of 270, with the help of certain swing states like Florida and Ohio. This election was the most expensive because of all the campaigning and the 2010 supreme court rulings on how much money they can take in donations from certain places. It was hectic, coinciding with hurricane sandy and resulting power outages etc. Even with a natural disaster America still had their heads on straight, and it’s boast worthy. Now that Obama has won, he will be up against the war in afghanistan. Citizens want it ended, so they can hug their sisters and fathers who have been at war. He brought the iraq soldiers home, along with everything else he has promised, so let there be light! The growing debt and unemployment rate will be next on his agenda, but we’re in skilled hands and have no reason to worry. The unemployment rate of 7.9% didn’t effect his talent to win himself a golden second term because before his effort it was a whopping 10% higher. Obama has shown the country true perseverance just by running for president as a black man, and it’s obvious he will go against all odds to succeed at all costs. Split congress or not, he will work with what he has and make the sweetest lemonade out of a bowl of the sourest lemons. He knows his voters have put their faith in him to lead this country and make the ‘American dream’ what it once was. This election was vehement and hungry for everybody’s attention – even the youth. For the first time, 12 year olds are listening in on how to make the economy better. Kids are trying to understand things they never tried to understand before, it takes a  great leader to do what has been done. Our country chose Obama for all the right reasons, and it seems very unlikely they’ll regret it.

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