Mr. President Barrak Obama has been re-elected into office and so I dance in elation and throw my shoe at Governor Romney. I enjoy politics (though I’m glad it is all over)-most likely because I enjoy argumentative debate and was more than happy to enthuse and argue for Barrak Obama. I’m quite confident in our Head-In-Chief to resolve some of our economic and political hostilities with other warring countries. If I had to get mathematical with my opinion on how well I believe him being in office I’d have to say 8.7 out of ten. My tenacity in Obama is strong, but I’m concerned about the split in congress and senate between political parties. Regardless of Obama if congress and senate can’t overcome their political association, then this nation just might be screwed. Thankfully though the race is over. The stress my heart went through the past week was enough for me to invest in a good cardiologist. Hopefully next time I log on to Youtube I won’t be subject to derogatory ads about either candidate or how Mormons are people too. 

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