President Obama won the elections! States that were keys to the president’s victory were Ohio and Florida. This Election was the most expensive because of all the campaigning they did to get they’re word out. I believe Obama was still elected, despite of the jobless rate of 7.9 percent, for a second term because really that means a lot of people have fate and trust in him and that he is the better candidate to help out the middle and lower class with job and money opportunities and i am sure that the rate will soon become lower. President Obama is now going to have to face multiple issues in the next four years such as the war in Afghanistan and of course all of the economical problems, but i am very sure that he can manage to get us threw all of this, on a scale of one to ten i would probably be around an 8 to a 9 on my confidence on Obama leading our country out of its economic problem. He’s already somewhat got to prove himself with his previous term so i know he will do all he can to make sure he proves himself this time so possibly he can make all the people who did not vote for him believe that him winning the election was actually a good thing. Though i was cheering for Obama the whole election, i think this race was amazing and very interesting with two very educated and respectable candidates with two different but understandable points of view. 

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