Late night of Tuesday Ohio was finally proclaimed blue and Obama reached the 270 electoral votes that he needed and he was reelected as the President of the United States. However, Obama will have to face a lot of challenges to fix or at least attempt to do so. I do not want him to repeat what he did last time and make promises and not fulfill them. Like 4 years ago he will have to find a way to solve problems such as debt, unemployment, and many other fiscal cliffs of this country. Sadly, Obama and Bush were both left with a big mess to clean up in the country, so I don’t blame either of them for what our country is drowning in. They tried their best but Bush had his 8 years now its Obama’s turn to try in these next 4 years. To be honest I don’t think that it will be possible to solve every singe problem in this country; but it will be Obama’s decisions that will build a path for the next future presidents to follow that will rescue us from drowning. This path will not be easy to make though for in order for it to work not only will the president need to be wise in his/her choices but the democrats and republicans will need to set aside their differences and WORK TOGETHER, for the better of the future of this country.

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