11-14-12 Laws and Ethics Study Guide Questions:

1. Things to know for the test:

2. What is the difference between breaking photojournalist ethics and breaking the law?

    Answer: When you break the law it is punishable in court, but ethics is only a moral ideal.

3. What are some of the scenarios we discussed?

    Answer: A woman and a child fall from a fire escape and the child survived the fall but the woman didn’t. You caught a picture of them falling, is it ok for you to run the photo?

4. What are the four things a photojournalists can be sued for?

    Answer: Libel, Invasion of privacy, Copyright infringement, Obscenity

5. What is libel?

    Answer: This is when you run a photo damaging a persons reputation because of false information.

6. What can you do to make sure you are not sued for libel?

    Answer: Check to make sure all your information is correct.

7. What is the best defense against libel?

    Answer: Do not do anything that might be questionable.

8. What is invasion of privacy?

    Answer: it can be intrusion, releasing private facts, false light, appropriation.

9. When does a private citizen lose the right to privacy?

    Answer: When the topic becomes news worthy.

10. What is obscenity?

     Answer: When the average person could find the work offensive

11. What is the LAPS test?

      Answer: Does it contain serious literacy, artwork, Political, or scientific value.

12. What is copyright?

      Answer: It is a thing that protects my work from other people using it without my permission.

13. What should you do to avoid being sued for copyright infringement?

     Answer: Always ask permission to use other works, or be completely original.

14. As a media representative, in which of these cases can you legally shoot a newsworthy event on private property? 

     Answer: If you have permission to do so.

15. If someone threatens to sue your paper for libel for a picture that damaged their reputation, what could you do to avoid it? 

     Answer: Prove to them that all the facts are true and I am in my right to publish it.

16. If you wanted to pursue photojournalism in college, which school should you attend? 

     Answer: University of Minnesota 

17. Standards that professional photojournalists strive to follow are called…

      Answer: Photojournalism ethics

18. If you take pictures of someone in their home with a hidden camera, you can be sued for:

     Answer: Invasion of Privacy

19. If you use a telephoto lens and photograph students drinking beer in their backyard, you could be sued for:

     Answer: Invasion of Privacy

20. If you use a non-celebrity’s photo in an advertisement without their permission, you could be sued for:
    Answer: Copyright infringement/ Invasion of Privacy

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