laws and ethics notes

1. Photographer: You are working with a reporter on a story about a coach who holds some national records for weightlifting. You still need a shot of him working out, so you arrange to meet him at the gym and take pictures of him lifting weights just as he normally does. Make an argument for running your photo.

—Photo editor: Do you run this set-up photo? Why or why not? 
Answer: Yes because you have his permission. 
2.Photographer: A baby left in a locked car died from the heat. You heard about it on a police scanner and were able to get a picture of the policeman taking the baby out of the car.
—Photo editor: Do you run this as a warning to other parents? Why or why not? 
Answer: I wouldn’t run the photo for respect of the parents who just lost a child. 
3.—Photographer: A fire escape collapses during a fire, plunging a woman to her death. A child who also falls miraculously survived. You get a picture of them in mid-air, just as the fire escape gives way. The photo is a potential Pulitzer Prize winner.
—Photo editor: Do you run this photo of a woman falling to her death? Why or why not? 
Answer:I think it’s okay as long as you cant tell who the person is, A lot of photographers for 9-11 did this exact same thing and although it was unbearable to watch it really caught the moment and how massive this event was. 
4.—Photographer: A woman takes off her clothes in protest of being denied entrance to a building. You get a picture of her protest.
—Photo editor: Do you run this photo of a nude woman? Why or why not? 
Answer: You could but i wouldnt because it is for the news and it is something that would grab peoples attention. 
5.—Photographer: During a news conference, an important political figure makes an obscene gesture at some hecklers in the crowd. You take the picture and turn it into your editor.
—Photo editor: This is definitely newsworthy but potentially offensive. Do you run it? Why or why not? 
Answer: Yes you should because people are going to get offended but not towards you, but the politician. 
6.—Photographer: A man notifies the press that a newsworthy event will be taking place at a certain time and location. He makes a statement protesting a government action, then douses himself with gasoline and lights a match. You get some dramatic pictures of the event, potential prize winners.
—Photo editor: Should you run the picture because it’s newsworthy or deny the protester the publicity he was seeking? Explain your decision. 
Answer: Deny, because he’s basically committing suicide and it may give other people the idea that its okay to do it as well. 
7.Photographer: You photograph a family grieving over their son who drowned in a local canal. You capture them at the moment the authorities unzip the body bag for them to make identification of him.
—Photo editor: Do you run this to urge other families to be cautious or respect the privacy of their grief? 
Answer:I would respect their privacy of their grief. 
8.—Photographer: You photograph two students exchanging money and a bag of something. You realize this would be a great photo to go with a story your staff is doing on drugs on campus.
—Photo editor: Do you run this? Why or why not? 
Answer: No because these students may have been the top of the class and actually been exchanging socks in the bag, for all you know, So it is putting false light on potentially innocent people. 

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