Midterm Review

Things to Know:

1. What are the types of white balance and draw the symbol for each.

2. What is the difference among large format cameras, medium format, DSLR, and compact?

Large format- cameras that use a film or digital sensor 4×5 inches or larger

Medium format- film and digital cameras that record images on media larger than 35 mm, but smaller than 4×5 size

SLRs- 35mm film/digital, main lens is interchangable

Compact- Lens not interchangable

3. What time periods were they used?

Medium format- 1890s-1950s

4. What does SLR stand for?

Single Lens Reflex

5. Who made the first photograph?


6.Who is Daguerre and what did he contribute?

Creates image on silverplated copper, coated with silver iodide and “developed” with warm mercury.

7. What is the rule of thirds? What would a photo look like using this?

When the subject of the picture is not in the middle, it is in one of the thirds of the photo.

8. What are leading lines?

Actual lines or straight objects leading to the subject in a certain direction.

9. What is framing?

Using objects to frame the subject that leads the viewer’s eye to where you want it.

10. What’s the difference between bird’s eye and worm’s eye view?

Bird’s eye view is when you are looking from up top down to the subject

Worm’s eye view is looking from bottom and up to the subject.

11.  What is libel?

Occurs when someone is exposed to hatred, ridicule, or has their reputation damaged as a result of false information that has been published.

12. What is obscenity? The acronym for the test to determine?

Not consitutionally protected speech or press.

LAPS test

13. What is invasion of privacy?

Trespassing on private property.

14. Copyright infringement?

Exploits any of the rights of copyright without the copyright owner’s permission.

15. What is the difference between being unethical and breaking the law in photojournalism?

Being unethical means it would be up to you to take the photo and breaking the law is actually being sued.


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