Things to Know:

1. What are the types of white balance and draw the symbol for each.

AWB cloudy,tungsten,flash, custom ,

2. What is the difference among large format cameras, medium format, DSLR, and compact?

Oldtimes – large formats

SLR- single reflex lens

Compact- point and shoot

3. What time periods were they used?


4. What does SLR stand for?

single reflex lens 

5. Who made the first photograph?


6.Who is Daguerre and what did he contribute?

created images on silver plated copper It was the first image that was fixed and did not fade .


7. What is the rule of thirds? What would a photo look like using this?

you didvide the camera into 9 seperate parts, one section would have the main subject. 

8. What are leading lines?

lines within the image that lead the viewer to the subject. 


9. What is framing?

when you use something to frame a subject naturally and to get the viewers attention to that subject. 


10. What’s the difference between bird’s eye and worm’s eye view?

birds eye is when its from the point of view of a bird or up above, and worms eye view would be smaller then the object being photographed. 

11.  What is libel?

print something false about somebody else


12. What is obscenity? The acronym for the test to determine?

average person finds something inappropriate LAPES

13. What is invasion of privacy?

when you invades someone privacy


14. Copyright infringement?

when you copyrigthed work, use it without permission,


15. What is the difference between being unethical and breaking the law in photojournalism?

ethical you can do it but it might be wrong, to do it. breaking the law is illegal. 

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