Semester Exam Review

Things to Know:

1. What are the types of white balance and draw the symbol for each.

cloudy(cloud) daylight(sun) custom(looks like a flower -ms.porch) flash(thunderbolt looking thing) shade(house w/shade) tungsten(lightbulb)  Auto (AWB) 

2. What is the difference among large format cameras, medium format, DSLR, and compact?

 the difference between large format cameras and medium format is the size and large format pictures are more higher resolution. The difference between DSLR and compact cameras are that the DSLR cameras have more buttons and the size of the cameras. The film sizes and the quality of the photo.

3. What time periods were they used?

1890-1950s – medium format

4. What does SLR stand for?

 single-lens reflex

5. Who made the first photograph?

Nicéphore Niépce

6.Who is Daguerre and what did he contribute?

Louis Daguerre- french artist and physicist, he is known as a father of photography and invented he daguerreotype process of photography. he made photos so that you can still see it.

7. What is the rule of thirds? What would a photo look like using this?

Taking a picture with the subject on the side of the whole picture. The subject is on the right or left side of the picture.

8. What are leading lines?

Lines leading to the subject that make the subject stand out.

9. What is framing?

Items or things framing the subject.

10. What’s the difference between bird’s eye and worm’s eye view?

bird’s eyes view is the camera looks like its on top of the subject, worm’s eyes is the opposite, the camera is closer to the ground

11.  What is libel?

Libel is a crime in the photography world, making lies or not telling the truth when you print something about a picture.

12. What is obscenity? The acronym for the test to determine?

 pictures that could be too inappropriate and obscene and has to pass the LAPS test

13. What is invasion of privacy?

Trespassing and taking pictures of someone on their property or in a private area.

14. Copyright infringement?

Taking credit for something you didn’t do.

15. What is the difference between being unethical and breaking the law in photojournalism?

being unethical isn’t breaking the law its just based on how far are you willing to go and asking yourself if “it’s worth it”. Being unethical is mainly based a photojournalist’s morals 

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