Media project I like to do next

What type of project?

YouTube sitcom about a group of friends.

What’s the main idea?

The main idea of the sitcom is the group of friends that do crazy things every day.

What’s your audience?


Are there characters?

Media Corps

Settings? Locations?

AYW and outside of school.

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  • dariushyson August 28, 2009  

    Multimedia- the use of different medias, ex. sound & video.
    Visual Design- a design that can be seen with your eyes, ex. web designs.
    Experiental Learning- doing something by learning it, ex. learning how to walk.
    Digital Portfolio- basically work done and saved on an electronic device, ex. a word document.

    I see these examples relating to my skills and interests when I uncovered the website by using experiental learning. I can’t become a psychologist without learning how to be one. Something important that I learned about myself is that I have goals in my life…big goals & I plan on trying to accomplish them quickly. I would like to learn how to use Photoshop alot better and brush up on my web design skills. I haven’t took a website class since 8th grade. I will be able to tell that I learned something from this class from using my photoshop & web designing skills on myspace, etc.

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