Holiday Break

during this winter break i ate tacos on the 24 of december. we all got together and passed christmas presents and hanged out. it was fun seeing all of my cousins.  

during this winter break i mostly slept because i was so tired from the midterms and shopping alot. Also for going to the san marcos outlet. and i love beauty sleep. 

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  • helenwang1 August 28, 2009  

    What does multimedia, visual design, experiential learning and digital portfolio mean?

    Multimedia is working with videos and advertising and such, Visual design is drawing or
    making animations which is also kind of multimedia, and experimential learning is learning
    through you’re own experiences

    How do you see these examples relating to your skills and interests that you uncovered using the website?

    Well I’m into advertising and socializing so I think the expamples I listed are in those catagories

    What was something important about yourself that you learned?

    I learned that I don’t need to figure out what I want to be anytime soon

    Describe what you would like to learn or experience in this class over the next year?

    I would like to learn how to edit videos or pictures better and more exciting

    How will you be able to tell if you learned anything from this class?

    When I start getting an interest in the things we do and want to do them in my own free time too
    get better at them

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