My ideas for a baskeball video

 What type of project?


  •   My project deals with what we do everyday. In my class we play baskeball as part of P.T i though it would be a good idea if i recored it and added after effect motion graphics  to make it more entertaining.
  • Detail: I was going to add animations such as having  a ball on fire, lighting, speed and slowmotion  graphics to give the video more of a intense  and comical look.

  Whats the main idea?


  • The main Idea of this video is to show more of a awsome way of us playing baskeball. thats my idea  for the moment it might change. ill keep you posted.

 What is your audience


  •   My main target is my classmates in media corps ,but it would be great to get views on youtube as well.

 Are there characters?


  •  There are my classmates and teachers I play baskeball with, so there are about 10 or more of us that play at a time.

  Setting & Location


  • My setting  and loaction for this idea would be outside in the moring  by  the baskeball hoop we have by our classroom.

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  • jordanlibios August 28, 2009  

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