My Project Idea

1. What type of project? A comedy skit i would say more of a Dave Chapelle type comedy or like 

key and peele, or family guy the videos come at random.

2. What’s the main idea? The scene would start out in a room of computers.  One guy walks in ready for work.  He is wearing a nice shirt : a smiley and preppy kind of guy. Then another walks in with a wrinkled shirt and an attitude.  

The wrinkled shirt guy is arguing with the preppy guy about getting a promotion but the preppy guy disagrees there is an argument between the 2 resulting in the wrinkled shirt guy realizing he is in the wrong room.  

3. Who is the Audience? I would say the audience is 13 and up. Some dialogue may have some mild language, but it will be bleeped out.

4. Are there characters? There are 6 to 8 characters in the sketch. The 1st person is David a 20 yr old who always gets his work done he is really close to that promotion at the computer tech company.

The 2nd person is Jamal 23 yrs old laid back with less than a high school education who believes he deserves a promotion but showing up to work late everyday would normally get a guy fired.The other 6 Characters would be the many co-workers that support David in getting his promotion.

5. Settings? Locations? The settings would be in this modern day and age My locations would be My work area

my house Outside Pretty much anywhere i can film.

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