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I want to work on a comedic music video, using stop motion and art. Anything that could be a humorous form of art, maybe comics, or just little stick drawings.

The main idea of this project would be too bring in the sense of humor in a serious song. 

The general audience would could be anyone who would enjoy humor, ranging from old to young. 

There would be no characters in this project.

No settings or locations, just a drawing board and a camera.

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  • fashawnduwrongjones August 28, 2009  

    Multimedia is basically multiple sources of electronical entertainment, like, television, game systems, music and cell phones
    Visual design is like.. maybe Shirts and other types of cloth with certain and/ or personal artwork on it, or somethin like that… i dunno…
    experiental learning is basically what it says, learning through experience. like, you cant go into a career in music, if you haven’t written lyrics, played an instrument, never worked with a beat making program, or anything like that, you have to have worked with those tools/ equipment before hand.
    Digital portfolio is just planning you ahead for your future, and a record of thing you have done, what you’re currently working on, and what you plan to achieve in the future. And you can never looke it.

    I’m into music, so yeah, multimedia does relate, i just cant.. fully describe right now…

    nothing yet

    I wanna experience working in an actual studio and get a new group together since i “relocated” and preform somewhere and.. that about it…

    Not sure

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