I want a talk show type of project that we all sit down as a class and talk about things that are going on in the world today , sports and t.v shows updates in a funny way i think it would be funny cause we’re a funny group of students so i think it would be a great success for us cause it’s what we do.

The main idea is use putting together some some skits for the show and come up with how we’re going to say thingd what order we’re going in and talk about sports games.

Our audience will be mainly younger people because they would probably be more into our comedy but some older people to i hope everybody would be interested in us because we love being funny towards bother groups.

Characters: Terry Nix, Jordan Williams, Shirese Townsend

Our setting will be a blue screen with some backgrounds and chairs at a table like the news reporters and ESPN but it will be like a talk show theme. Location will be in a empty room so we can have the blue screen in the back.

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  • ricardobautista1 August 28, 2009  

    multimedia-something that uses alot of media
    visual design-a design that u can see or imagine
    Experimental Learning-something about learning that you learn off of science or expiriments
    Digital Portfolio-a portfolio that uses music videoes and many other electronical stuff

    It could help in everyday life
    I can be a successful worker
    To learn about different jobs and how they work
    When I am successful later in life

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