Character Project Media 2

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Music & Disability Project

Idea Draft-

Introduction-About Autism and my Music.

1st Song- Eternal Loving Hero! 

Info Ideas

2nd Song-What you know, what true love is?

Info Ideas

3rd Song-Why you Breakin My Heart?

Info Ideas.

Conclusion-On why I made this video?

Main Thought Ideas

Introduction Ideas-Talk about my Autism, hobbies, why I write and sing music. And how

I’m going to share my music on the video.

1st, 2nd, 3rd Song Ideas- Say the name of the song, then sing it, and at the end say why you appreciate it, and what where your thoughts while you wrote the song. And how it has helped you in your life, and what you hope to use it in the future.

Conclusion-Say what my disability is. Explain what Autism is, and why I decided to make this video! 🙂

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  • rudeenia August 28, 2009  

    mulitimedia is different things in one place
    visual design is like your thoughts you can see
    Experiential Learning is when you learn something by doing
    Digital Portfoliois having a profile on the computer
    i’ve learn nothing knew about myself
    i would like 2 learn how to work with 3d
    if i can do that then i’ll know i’ve learn something

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