what are the next steps for the project you want to make?

I’m making a video/slide show for my cousins quince. I basically have everything that i need for the project, i just needed to interview some family. Now that i got that out the way i’m working on putting it all together. The steps I need to take for that are bringing all the photos and interviews into permire, then pieceing it together, and then over look it to make sure im pleased overall with this project.

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  • christiansosa August 28, 2009  

    Multimedia is something that you record and edit it on a computer and played. Visual design is something that you think is interesting to you and you want to see it, or something that you make up on your own. Experimential learning is things you have to learn before you do what you want to do. Digital portfolio is a page that you make on your own for people to see it.

    Something important that i learned was that theres a bunch of careers that i can go to.

    What i would like to learn in this class is how to communicate with other people and work.

    These examples relate to me because im a visual person i like to make up stuff that no one else has ever seen.

    I would know that i learneed something because i would know how to do it.

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