The next project I would like to work on is a music video called “We Broke”. It would be a funny music video. The video starts with three friends at a clothing store, he or she will ask their friends how they look in the clothes. Then he or she will walk back in the dressing room and change back into their clothes, walk out to the check-out counter to buy the clothes. They check their wallet and they don’t have any money. Then that’s when the song starts.   

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  • throwedyella August 28, 2009  

    What does multimedia, visual design, experiential learning and digital portfolio mean?
    Multimedia:A few different types of media; T.v, computer, etc.
    Visual design:Designing pictures and stuff; photoshop
    Experintial learning: Learning over the internet; Google
    Digital Portfolio:A folder of your work over the internet
    How do you see these examples relating to your skills and interests that you uncovered using the website?
    I learned how to fill out a digital portfolio.
    What was something important about yourself that you learned?
    That I should learn to design digital artwork
    Describe what you would like to learn or experience in this class over the next year?
    How to make flash pictures for websites
    How will you be able to tell if you learned anything from this class?
    The improvment I have in answering questions like this.

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