What made an impression on me at the MLK march.

The young 5th grade boy that spoke at the MLK march made an impression on me. It blew my mind when he said that although we weren’t segregated anymore with the color of our skin we were still segregated culturally. He said that we should not judge at all just by a persons character, that the word “Gay” was also wrong. The thing that i disagreed is how he kinda made it seem like what we watch on TV is bad and we learn bad stuff from it. Yea some of it is pretty bad but thats when we as parents can step in and decide what our kids can and can not watch and thats why we have parental controls. Entertainment is not always going to be positive because many people in this world aren’t positive and everybody is different, to me the key here is just to respect everyone you don’t have to like it just respect it. Other than that the boy did that. 

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