March 2, 2012

The happiest memory i have so far was when i hit the bricks! in other words i got out of prison. That to me is an unexplainable feeling, a nervous but good nervous feeling. I was locked up for 2 years and compared to some people that will never see the free world again its nothing but oh its something believe that. I went to different states and didn’t know anybody until i got back to Austin TX. I remember couple weeks before my release date i kept thinking something bad was going to happen and i wasn’t going to be able to get out. whether it was a new charge or i was going to die yeah i was having crazy thoughts. I remember when i walked out the gates and my family pulled up. It all happened so fast because the way they do it is all the cars pull up to the gate and you have to just get in, your family cant get out because there is more people before or after you and of course security reasons. So i jumped in the explorer and my mom and sister in law were crying, i started screaming Thank you Jesus! i didn’t cry that i didn’t do. Then my little boy jumped from the back seat to me and hugged me then he made me tear up because he had made me a necklace at school and had brought it to me that was so sweet of him. As he started talking to me i was just looking at him like damn my little boy is talking because when i had got locked up he didn’t know how to talk and here he was acting like i was never gone it was the happiest moment of my life even though the situation was messed up.

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