What makes you happy? What’s your Happiest Memory?

What makes me happy? I can’t really say because i haven’t found that thing or someone yet. Things may make me smile 

or laugh but, as far as happy. I’m still on the search and no its not like the pursuit of happiness. I still have a lot of growing to do and so does the world.


Happiest memory well, I have a favorite memory a fun one that happens to be when I went to my school prom. That was truly enjoyable. I was dancing with my best friends. Everyone was having a good time my teachers were also in on the event that was pretty interesting. I miss the moments I gathered from high school and I wish I could relive those moments. Hey actually that was a happy moment for me well if your smiling threw the entire prom dance you are very happy.

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  • cathleenaguilar August 28, 2009  

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    experiental learning is trying to learn in your way or exploring in what news ways you can.
    digital portfolio is a folder that holds all your digital creations that you yourself have made.
    the examples the website gave me were perfect, i was already planning to become a Sound//Recording Engineer.
    i would like to see how creative i can get, with diffeent programs.
    I’ll know when i have realized that i couldnt that certain thing before.

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