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What does the word happy mean?:

The word happy to me means so many things, and those are; One: Families will be together forever, Second: Love Everyone for they are your brothers and sisters, Three Live your Life to the fullest, and Four just be yourself as best as you can! 🙂

What do people need to be happy?: I home to return too, a family too love, friends to remember and cherish, relatives to know, and just enjoying their company to the max! 🙂

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  • kaylenyenawine August 28, 2009  

    Multimedia is a series of either audio, picture, or video clips that play simultaneously to music or sound effects an example would be a youtube video or a slideshow.
    Visual design is a design method where you use a reference and design something new based on that reference such as a painting that is based on a landscape.
    Experiential learning is when you learn from something through experiences such as mistakes you might have made in the past or experiences that other people have had.
    A digital portfolio is like a big storage unit online that helps keep you organized and up to date with projects or assignments.
    They relate to me because I am very creative and in the quiz the career options had alot to do with design which is something that I want to do.
    I learned that if I practice drawing long enough that I am actually a very good artist.
    Umm I had this class last year too but I think I would like to learn how to work with flash more.
    I’ll have new skills of course

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