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  • lindamarie August 28, 2009  

    multimidea is media and stuff that uses a combination of different stuff.
    Visual Design is visual communication and presentation.Experiental
    Learning- doing something by learning it, ex. learning how to talk.
    Digital portfolio is a collection of electronic stuff posted and managed by a user.
    -we made a profolio on and managed our (own) account, which is an example of digital profolio.
    – i have learned that the ONLY way i can be (happy) is if i do what i wana do like my job when i get older i LOVE kids and thats why i wana be a social worker because that is what makes me happy.
    – i would like to learn EVERYTHING nothing spacific
    – to see my carrer change … that would seem kind of difficult…
    * IM very GOOD at computers i LOVE typing and discovering new things about computers.

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