What does the word happy mean and what do we need to be happy?

Happy to me is a feeling of content with yourself a feeling that most people look for their whole life and try to fill that need with sometimes the wrong things whether it be money drugs or sex. I think we need love to be happy whether its a significant other or family. My dad has always told me my whole life growing up that we might not be rich with money but that we are rich because we have each other, that i have two loving parents that love me unconditionally. 

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  • trinh August 30, 2009  

    Multimedia is a transmission that combines media of communication..like text, graphics and sound. Example: movies, slides, and music

    Visual design refers to the application of proper methods to produce something that is both artistic and functional. It can change the colors of a movie/video/photo to make it more attractive or interesting..
    Example: typography, images, symbols, and colours

    Experiential learning is learning based on experience.
    Example: active learning, hands on learning, deep level processing, higher order thinking.

    Digital portfolio..also known as an e-portfolio or electronic portfolio, is a collection of electronic evidence assembled and managed by a user, usually on the Web (also called Webfolio)
    Example: mediaxperiments.com or bridges.com
    They provide meaningful documentation of students’ abilities. Portfolios provide information to students, parents, teachers, and members of the community about what students have learned or are able to do.

    I can see these examples relating to my skills and interests that I uncovered using the Bridges.com website by leading me to my interests like..I want to know everything about photoshop and how they work because I love editing my pictures, and i also want to create videos and stuff like that.

    I would like to learn and experience more about photoshop, how to make a movie clip, and how to web design.

    I will be able to tell if I learned anything from this class because right now..I dont know ANYTHING about ANY of that..and if I do by the end of the year..big difference.. :]

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