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  • crimsonwallace August 28, 2009  

    1. Multimedia: the variety of media: video, music, artwork.
    2. Visual design: the use of visual techniques in artwork or videography.
    3. Experement learning: Learning from mistakes etc.
    4. Digital portfilio: online or technology based form of storing multimedia.

    How do you see these examples relating to your skills and interests that you uncovered using the website?
    They can be the base of everything i plan on doing in my near futere.

    What was something important about yourself that you learned?
    I found i have many traits for jobs that interest me alot.

    Describe what you would like to learn or experience in this class over the next year?
    I would like to learn more about video effects and editing, alot to do with animation, etc.

    How will you be able to tell if you learned anything from this class?
    I would know because i hope to walk out of here with more knowledge on what i already love to do. I hope i will know more about multimedia, and i hope i will be able to acomplish more on my way to a futere.

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