What made people happy before TV and video game technology? What is a challenge you met and pushed through?

Playing outside with whatever your imagination led you to do was what made people happy. Well i used to read books in my room or go kill spiders with my sister and lil cousins when i was about 9years old. 

A challenge i had was in 2008 when i enrolled in school at capital city careers it was a tough time for me because i didnt have a stable home and the father of my child got sent to prison for 3 years but he left me with a car that i had to make payments on…i couldnt quit…it took me to get a night job get off at 2am then go to school i was also dealing with probation and classes i had to take twice a week i moved in with a friend and even though i had a job that wasnt the best or the classiest i did what i had to do …payed my school, apt, car, and necessities ..graduated and got a job the same day..

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  • dariushyson September 8, 2009  

    das live!! ican sing but won’t do it in public lol.
    likee iggy im more interested in the graphic design.

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