How do you think others see you? How can you improve everyday?

I have often been told that i look stuck up. That of course is not true bc i am not. If i take a look at myself on others people perspective i see that although i used to live a life in the streets steady thugging with the wrong men, i hope they can see that im trying to change that. Im going to school, im working, im at home with my son everyday.


I can improve everyday by reseaching on my own time topics im interested in so that i can be ready for the things in life im interested in



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  • aiimm3rzzd September 8, 2009  

    Well my short term goals I try to do anything to achieve it and if it doesn’t work then it doesn’t. But my long term I’m taking classes here that will help me in the future and well do anything to achieve what I’m doing.

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