My Stript Idea

Truly Remarkable


B-roll of the school and a shot of Michael Finnegan

looking up at the school shaking his head.

(Its Micheal’s first day in Delta Academy an academy for students who have amazing and

talented gifts Super Powers).

Micheal: Its my first day in the academy and my parents still have yet to realize I have no talents yeah fitting in will be so!!!! easy.

(Micheal is on his way to class when he is confronted by Shirese and Draven).


Micheal encounters the academy bullies

Shirese walks up to Michael and grabs him by his shirt Draven following closely behind her

Shirese: So I guess your the new kid teach has been talking about let me introduce my self I’m Shirese.

(Shirese uses her ability to control fire and burns her name into the wall).

Draven: And I’m Draven sucka ( Draven and his sister have the same power except Shirese has purple flames while Draven has red flames).

(Before the 2 bullies could pummel Micheal a sudden force stops Shirese and Draven, out from the class room Mr. Donovan appears).


MR DONOVAN– His first day here and you 2 are already giving him a hard time ( Mr Donovan has the ability to control force he is the academy’s science teacher).

MR DONOVAN– Detention both of you get to class ( A gripping force grabs Shirese and Draven and pushes them to the room).

(As the 2 bullies are being forced to go to class Shirese locks eyes with Micheal and says).

Shirese🙁 “Grunting”) I’ll see you at lunch busta.

(Draven stares at Michael and his eyes are ablaze).

Draven: Yeah sucka after lunch.

Mr. Donovan– I’m sorry about that Michael those 2 are always causing trouble but just to let you know

you can use your powers here so if they bother you again let them have it ok.

Micheal: The thing about that sir is.

(Mr. Donovan cuts Micheal off).

Mr. Donovan: My name is Steve Donovan and I’m your science teacher Good to meet you.

(Mr. Donovan reaches out his hand for a hand shake).

Micheal: Hello Mr. Donovan as I was trying to say I don’t have any super powers at least I don’t think I do.

(Mr. Donovan then looks at Micheal with a confused look).

(Mr. Donovan: Aren’t your parents super).

Micheal: Well yeah but they don’t know I’m powerless.

( In an instant a girl appears within a seconds time).

Julie: Is this the new guy Mr. S.( Julie is a straight A student she is also the hall monitor).

(Micheal surprised).

Micheal: Whoa where did you come from?

(Mr. Donovan with a confused look on his face replies)

Mr. Donovan: Ummm yes Julie can you show Micheal around.

(Micheal grabs the teacher and tells him in secret).

Micheal: Can you keep me not having powers a secret.

Mr. Donovan: Of course I will but this school is pretty dangerous to people with super powers

let alone anyone who doesn’t have powers.

Micheal: Yeah my dad mentioned that.(in Micheal’s head. I’m really gonna die here aren’t I).

Julie: Well Micheal we should go you don’t wanna be late for class on your first day.

Micheal & Mr. Donovan: Right!!!!!.

(Mr. Donovan places his hand on Micheal’s shoulder)

Mr. Donovan: Good luck kid!!!!.

Mr. Donovan: And always remember Julie is the hall monitor don’t run if she asks for a hall pass.

( As Micheal was walking he looks back at Mr. Donovan).

Micheal: Why not?

(Julie grabs Micheal’s hand).

Julie: Lets go.

(Julie Speeds away with Micheal in a flash).

(Micheal at the top of his lungs screams).

Micheal: Oh my god!!!!!!!!!.

(As Micheal and Julie speed away camera rotation turns to Mr. Donovan.)

Mr. Donovan: That’s why (He laughs) this should be interesting.

Fade To Black…….

To be Continued

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  • jared September 8, 2009  

    I Plan To Graduate Highschool With A 3.0 GPA Or Higher. How Will I Achieve This Goal? Just Simpily Doing And Turning In All My Work; And Also Making Sure I Get To Class On Time. Another Goal I Have Is Simpily Not Getting Into ANY Trouble. But I Dont Think That Will Be A Probally.

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