Stephen Glass

1. Who is Stephen Glass? 

 A former U.S. journalist who came to prominence when it was uncovered he had fabricated a number of magazine articles in 1998

2. What is he accused of doing in 1998?

Fabricating new stories, events, sources and quotes and publishing them for the magazine he wrote for.

3. What national magazine did he work for?

The New Republic.

4. How was Stephen Glass characterized in the media when his fabrications were exposed in 1998?

He became a fraud, someone who defiled Journalism for success.

5. What are journalists saying about him today?

Journalist are using him as an example as the consequence of lying about news stories. They put him on a pedestal of wrong and i doubt many journalist wish to respect him any way.

6. And what has been Glass’ own reaction to the storm of controversy he stirred up?

He didn’t attempt to right things. He left the mess he head made as quietly as possible.

We will use what you find out in a class discussion about the relationship between good character and good journalism.

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