Stephen Glass

1. Who is Stephen Glass?

– He is a former U.S. journalist who came to prominence when it was uncovered he had fabricated a number of magazine articles in 1998.

2. What is he accused of doing in 1998?

– He was accused of plagiarism and falsehood 

3. What national magazine did he work for?

– He worked for The New Republic 

4. How was Stephen Glass characterized in the media when his fabrications were exposed in 1998?

– he was characterized as a “liar” 

5. What are journalists saying about him today?

– They admit that he did something wrong, but that was a long time ago. they still believe he’s a great member of the california bar. 

6. And what has been Glass’ own reaction to the storm of controversy he stirred up?

– He never owned up to it. 

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